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Is my FRDM-KL25Z bricked? Please Help.

Discussion created by Paul Swanson on May 15, 2019
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I've got a brand new FRDM-KL25Z which I've been trying to use with MCUXpresso, but I discovered it shipped with the old PEMicro firmware that doesn't work in 2019 (ie. only Win XP/7).


So, I downloaded the firmware update from PEMicro, read the PDF update instructions (which are wrong) and followed them. The computer I was using at the time was a Windows 10 PC. After copying the boot loader file and restarting the board I noticed the following:


 * No lights / activity when connected to either the OpenSDA or USB ports

 * In bootloader mode (ie. hold reset button) the D4 LED flashes 8 times rapidly every 

 * Tried to restore via Windows XP / 7 VM but bootloader update simply won't copy

 * Tried under Linux and bootloader update file copies

 * Now: no lights, no connectivity, no reset / bootloader mode


How can I get my board working?


And, is it normal for boards to come from NXP with ancient firmware that requires a ten year old computer to operate or it'll brick? Not to mention the ONLY accurate documentation for all this is some guy's blog. Sorry to say, but this is a terrible first experience for me, not happy at all, I just want to write some code ... not build a Win 7 PC. </rant end>


Please, please help.


Paul Swanson


PS. Yes, I've read: AFTER it became clear that ALL supplied documentation from NXP & PEMicro was just plain wrong.