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Question about update install failure S32DS_ARM_v2018.R1_UP*.zip

Question asked by JAE MIN SHIN on May 14, 2019
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I updated the S32DS along the guide page. (HOWTO: Update S32 Design Studio )
However, Problems will occur when installing S32DS_ARM_v2018.R1_UP*.zip.(update 1,8,9,10)

Whenever i perform an update, the 'freescale semiconductor' message appears.

If i select ok, an error will occur in S32DS.

If i select cancel, it can not update.


Problem Scenario

1) offline installation

Help" -> "Install New Software..." -> S32DS_ARM_v2018.R1_UP10

2) install start

3) 'freescale semiconductor' message appears.

4) If it select cancel


If there is a solution, please share it.