Guenter Klein

Using pow on MCF52234 with CW 5.9.0

Discussion created by Guenter Klein on Feb 3, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hi Team,

I want to use the function pow in my project but without success.
I have implemented following Librarys:
C_4i_cf_msl.a (was C_4i_cf_sz_msl.a before)
I activated “Require function Prototypes” on dialog “C/C++ language”.
I also added <math.h>.
If I compile I first get the error “function has no prototype”. If I disable “require function prototypes” or give it a prototype by hand (double   pow(double x, double y):smileywink: the message disappears.
After compilation and programming to the device I get a crash when “pow” has been reached. What did I do wrong?

Best regads