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MC33662 LIN Transceiver Not Working

Question asked by Andrew Meesseman on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Andrew Meesseman

I am using the MC33662 LIN Transceiver. I have used it on a couple different PCBs (all with KEA64) with different traces and different components. I have not gotten any of them to work and have finally narrowed it down to the transceiver, however, have not been able to figure out what is wrong with the transceiver.


After supplying power to the transceiver, Vsup 12V, the transceiver is then enabled (no delay enacted) with 3.3V. The wake pin is grounded as our application does not require the wake-up function. We just use enable to wake the device after it has been powered off for an indefinite amount of time after supplying Vsup. 


The problem that I am facing is that the RxD (pin 1) and TxD (pin 4) do not function at all as RxD does not report the LIN bus voltage and TxD does not output to the bus. I've tested by directly sending data on pin 6, LIN bus, and monitoring RxD with no result as well as sending data over TxD and monitoring the LIN bus to no avail.


Is the device being woken properly? Not too sure what is going on and looking for any suggestions as to why the chip isn't working. I've looked through the RF multiple times and been through a few forums for different LIN transceivers and haven't found anything. I can provide more information about the setup if necessary but that's all I could think of for what the chip needs to function properly.