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1GB DRR3 Chips x2 Nos Layout with IMX6 Quad Processor

Question asked by Emil George on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Emil George

Hi Team,

In our new Dual Camera project, we're using 2GB DDR3L memory(1GB x16 DDR3L chips, 2Nos) with IMX6 Quad processor. We had earlier used 2 Nos 256MB DDR3L chips (total 512MB RAM) interfaced with IMX6 Solo processor in a Thermal camera project which is under production now. We've started the layout work for the IMX6 - DRAM interface for new Dual Camera project. As we donot have enough time, our plan is to use existing 2x 256MB DDR3 routing for new 2x 1GB DDR3 routing. So, we'll be using only 32 bit data bus amoung the 64 bits available. We found 3 new signals ODT1, CS1#, CKE1 in new 1GB DDR3L chips when compared to old 256MB chips. As we checked, it is hard to match the length of these signals to the clock signals already routed. Can you please advise us on how much length tolerance we can route these new signals compared to the clock signals?

Thanks in advance.

Emil Zacharia George