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Sudden increase in temperature reading with KL16 ADC

Question asked by Balkrishna Amrutrao on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

For KL16 ADC , 6 channels are read one after another in DMA interrupt(ADC channel to be read is configured in DMA interrupt). One of the channel reads system temperature. But I am seeing sudden rise of up to 5 degree C in temperature reading using ADC which is confirmed wrong, this happens when system is run for long time and it happens sporadically. Conversion time for each channel is 16.8us.

sample code:



resolution = 12 bit;

longSampleMode = kADC16_LongSampleCycle24;

continuous conversion = disabled;

Hardware average count = 4;

differential conversion = false;

ADC hardware trigger = true;

//configure and start ADC converison using ADC16_SetChannelConfig();

Enable ADC mux;

Enable DMA = true;





//clear DMA channel status

//read ADC data using DMA_PrepareTransfer();

//save the data for channel

//call DMA_settransfer_config()

//configure and start ADC converison using ADC16_SetChannelConfig();