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Restore vBank0 image on LS1046A-RDB

Question asked by penman on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov
Question: Restore vBank0 image on LS1046A-RDB
I wrote a bad image file to vBank0 and cannot seem to restore a bootable image in this location.
Referencing Layerscape SDK 19.03 Users Guide, Section, Step 8 for QSPI and cold booting the working QSPI NOR flash 1 (vBank4), after completing these steps, the board still does not cold boot from vBank0.
I've tried programming these QSPI images to vBank0:
QSPI image downloaded with WGET
QSPI firmware built with LSDK
QSPI image copy from vBank4
Of particular note, with the vBank4 image copied to vBank0, and booting the LSDK Ubuntu from SD, I verified that /dev/mtd1 and mtd2 binary match, though RDB still won't boot vBank0.
This appears to be similar to JS Park question that was not resolved here: