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How to understand 'other' in 'MODULE STATISTIC' section of MAp file?

Discussion created by Michael Tang on Feb 3, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by Michael Tang
Dear All,
There is a  MODULE STATISTIC section in map file, e.g
  Name                                               Data    Code   Const
  STDLIB.C.o (ansixb.lib)                      0         12      0
  STRING.C.o (ansixb.lib)                     0         23      0
  rtshc12.c.o (ansixb.lib)                       0       544      0
  rtsxgate.cxgate.o (ansi_xg.lib)            0      114      0
  other                                                 512      37   1630
All items are clear except other, what Data, Code and Const will be included in other Can we view the details of the data, code and const? How to reduce the size of other?
Michael Tang