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S32K1xx - [SM_085] Assumption

Question asked by Lorenzo Daniele Employee on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by Atzel Alejandro Collazo Zepeda

HI ,


from the S32k1xx Safety Manual we have : "Assumption: [SM_085] Software must not disable the direct transition by the RCM into a safe state due to an overvoltage or undervoltage indication. [end]"


I have two questions :


Q1 : how can an OVERvoltage event cause (  be related to ) a DIRECT rcm transition to safe state ?  Overvoltage is monitored only externally so there should not even exist any DIRECT rcm transitions related to that fault.

Q2 :  for undervoltage fault , in case of VLVR and VLVR_LP there is always a reset generated by RCM ( only the tresholds are sw selectable ) and there is no disabling possibility by SW. So how should the mentioned Assumption be interpreted ? 


Thanks !