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CW 7.1.1a on M52259DEMOKIT -- BDM, breakpoints, timer ISRs...

Question asked by Rich Testardi on Feb 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by Rich Testardi
Sorry, I decided this might be better placed in this forum, since it is really a BDM question/issue...
Hi all,
I am wondering about something I saw while debugging my program on CW 7.1.1a on the M52259DEMOKIT board...
This board apparently uses a new BDM, as I have to specify "ColdFire v2-v4 JM60 OSBDM" to debug it.
In general, the new BDM seems to work, but it has one strange behavior I am wondering if I can work around.
With the old PEMICRO USB BDM, when I hit a breakpoint in non-ISR code (with ISRs enabled) and then single stepped, I stepped following the expected code path -- i.e., I didn't instantly step into my 1ms PIT timer interrupt service routine.
With the new ColdFire v2-v4 JM60 OSBDM, on the other hand, if I break into my code anywhere other than in my PIT timer interrupt service routine, the first single step puts me right there!
I managed to get all my debugging done by setting breakpoints, rather than single stepping, but this seems like something that should be configurable, at least...
Is there a way to tell the debugger not to just step me into my PIT timer ISR every time I step?  Or might I just have something misconfigured?
As a related issue, when I insert a breakpoint in my code, I always hit it *twice* now -- once apparently on entry to the PIT timer ISR, and once apparently on return.  (I've gotten used to this and just always continue once when I hit a breakpoint.)
Thanks for any help!
Other than this, the port to the MCF52259 took less than a day, and it seems fast -- about 5% faster than a MCF52221 clock-for-clock, which I can't really explain but will not complain about!
-- Rich