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imx28: issue sgtl5000 over i2c as one of slave

Question asked by shashikant h on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by shashikant h
Hi All,
we are some i2c issue in multi-slave environment,
Device : Freescale imx28 processor
BSP: Linux kernel version
my imx28 product have two i2c slaves,
1. sgtl5000 chip as a slave for audio play device from application.
2. i2c slaves which does a job of processing i2c data received from imx28(master through i2c query) to serial data with baud 9600 and vice-versa.
a. Things are normal if the i2c query has a data range (0x0000 to 0x0a7f) and (0x0b00 - 0xffff) with audio and second i2c slave.

b. Things are going abnormal when the second slave has a i2c data exchange which has a range 0x0a80 to 0x0aff.
To root cause the issue I had disable the audio driver for sgtl50000 LTIB environment, then the second slave works in all data range, problem is audio does not work.
I have attached the supported log, which has i2c probe analyzer, driver file, and seen  many patches regarding sgtl5000, which are not compatible with my Linux kernel version, if anyone face similar issue or some i2c expert / NXPf  forum, please provide input in getting resolved.

Thanks & Regards,