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Question asked by Alessandro Biasci on May 9, 2019
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Dear all,


                              we have an iMX6ULL processor and we would like to support Multi-Drop Bus / Internal Communication Protocol (MDB/ICP) of vending machines. ( ).


In the architecture of the network the iMX6ULL board is the master of the BUS. The protocol is a multi-drop protocol with 9bit data frame using serial bus. Looking at the datasheet, we can enable 9bit data only in RS485 mode and, in this case, we have to choose the slave-address mode select mode SLAM. This functionality is not compatible with the master implementation of MDB/ICP protocol.


So, we would like to use the RS232 or RS485 only enabling the 9bit data frame without any other functionality attached.


I read the thread : Receiving UART data in 9-bit RS-485 mode -- but the answer is not clear for me and I can't find further information in the manual that can help me to solve the issue.



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