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RDKL25AGMP01,software does not exist?

Question asked by Diego Colombo on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Renat Khatymov


A producer of alarm systems bought the  RDKL25AGMP01  evaluation board,with the aim to check, quickly and easly as supposed, the performance of the electronic compass mounted on it.
I suggested to try it because it looks as a complete kit,battery powered,easy to use.That looks untrue.
Reference Design KL25-AGMP01 User Guide says:
"Go to, then click on the Software and Tools tab, and then locate
and download the
Generic Data Logger for Sensor Data Analytics software bundle "
No way, it does not exist ,not even the string appears, if searched in the page,and nothig is found in the NXP website,or in the web.The same for .
The Freedom sensor toolbox was downloaded and after 15 minutes is still installing..let'see.
Anyway is frustrating for a non-expert(despite it was able to write code in assembly for S08 family) to have an evaluation board, and being not able to evaluate it after hours, because the guide and the reality are completely different.


If 'im wrong i wil be glad to admit my error

Thanks for attention.