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How to check/change the ADC frequency in i.MX 8?

Question asked by VETURI SAMEER on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Bio_TICFSL

Hi there!!!

                 There is a little confusion regarding the frequency of ADC in i.MX8. The crystal clock supply is given as 24MHz by default(For electrical data sheet-IMX8QXPAEC), but how do i confirm or change the operating frequency for the ADC. I am trying to change the frequency to reduce the conversion rates using the below API's.


sc_pm_clock_rate_t adc_clk_rate = SC_8MHZ

sc_pm_set_clock_rate(ipc, SC_R_ADC_0 , SC_PM_CLK_PER, &adc_clk_rate)

sc_pm_clock_enable(ipc, SC_R_ADC_0 , SC_PM_CLK_PER, true, false)


I couldn't see any difference between 8MHz, 24Hz.......

I am monitoring through the watermark interrupt timings.


IMX8 Data Sheet Snippet:

SCFW API Doc Snippet:

IMX8 Electrical Data Sheet Snippet:


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