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Memory Problems with KE06Z

Question asked by cody hubman on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Jing Pan

I am using the MKE06Z128 44 pin chip to replace the current processor for our company. I have been trying to understand memory issues and where my problems may lie. 


Currently I have strange problems with certain global variables in my include files. They "appear" to randomly change values or they initialize back to 0 or exhibit some unwanted characteristic. I have been suspicious that it is a memory issue but I am having a really difficult time verifying that. I have noticed some (Common) notes in the .map file as well as one of my global variables jumping to an insanely high value amidst one of these random events.  


The memory usage is what is shown after compile and then the mapfile_memory shows the section of concern. The variables LINKTOTAL, STOPDISPLAY, and so on are the types giving me the most grief. It appears to be any variable declared in my includes but not local.


A final note is it seems like the local stack doesn't seem to have issues it is only when using global variables in my include file. Sorry if my terminology isn't up to par this was my best attempt. I really want to get back to developing but I don't want to continue (and can't really) until I understand this memory issue.