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Offline opencl compiler for i.MX 8M

Question asked by Parian Golchin on May 8, 2019
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I am using offline opencl compiler VivanteVTK-v6.2.4.p4.1.7.8 on i.MX 8M. When I execute the main.cpp example code on target. I get the following error

"Creating program with binary...
[ 1] gcSHADER_LoadHeader: shader binary file's version of 1.0.1:26 is not compatible with current version 0.0.1:20
Please recompile source.
[ 2] gcoOS_DebugBreak(1001)
Building program...

!!! Error # -44 at line 245 , in file main.cpp !!!"

My GPU device is Vivante OpenCL Device GC7000L.6214.0000  and I have used viv_gpu_imx8mscal.config as GPU configuration file.

Please let me know, how can I fix this issue.

Than you very much!

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