Steve Kruse

JM badge board, logging and/or monitoring of the accelerometer data

Discussion created by Steve Kruse on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2009 by Rich Testardi


I have a JM Badge board and hope to use it for a high school
physics project.  I have a rudimentary background in embedded
programming, but am not especially proficient ... yet!  So far,
I've worked my way through the various demo programs, and
a bunch of USB-related app notes (for some of the other eval

I simply want to log around 60 seconds of accelerometer data,
preferably to a textfile on the PC, or to a USB stick. But it looks like the
safest approach might be to follow the "Read and Write SD Card"
documentation (Data Logger demo).  But assuming the Badge
Board remains USB-attached to my laptop, isn't there an even
more straightforward way ?  Nothing fancy for now -- any advice
or guidance is welcome. For example, of the Badge demo
programs, I believe the HID/mouse is a good starting point.