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SPDIF receiver loss of lock Issue

Question asked by kejieyu on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by CarlosCasillas
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Our system running on 48KHz sample rate.

Have a problem of SPDIF receiver loss of lock. Sometimes the loss of lock interrupt was set during SPDIF is working. and during the loss of RX clock, there are  lots of bit level errors such as below Log show.and after a while RX DPLL locked again,  and SPDIF working again.

So, Is there a hardware problem about the i.MX6Q embeded SPDIF soc?


Is there a way to improve this problem?

Becasue, sometimes, change the loss of lock  to re-locked seemly too long to bring audio problems.



SPDIF RX Sync Loss. Status Reg: 0x0000c614
SPDIF receiver found parity bit error. Status Reg: 0x0000c612
SPDIF receiver found illegal symbol. Status Reg: 0x0000c611
SPDIF receiver found illegal symbol. Status Reg: 0x00008612
SPDIF DPLL Locked. Status Reg: 0x00900610