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MPC8315E - PCIe interface

Question asked by Ane Irazusta on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Bulat Karymov




I was wondering how I should disable/enable the SerDes PCIe interface of the MPC8315E via SW.  Would be enough to configure SDPD bit of SRDSCR0 register to '1' (Block power down) for disable it? 



And should I also make any change in HW? For example, following the application note AN3438, it says that SD_IMP_CAL_TX signal has to be connected to GND using a 100R precision resistor when the interface is used, but when not used it has to be connected to 1V. If I disable the PCIe interface via SW, can SD_IMP_CAL_TX signal still be connected to the 100R resistor?


Thanks in advance!