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    iMX8QM SCU DDR Configuration Issue

Question asked by prashanth kumar on May 7, 2019
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We are working on iMX8QM Custom board with 4.14.98 Kernel BSP (1.2 SCU Firmware). We have boards with 2GB, 4GB & 6GB DDR configuration. By default only one of the DDR configuration will support while compilation time.

The SCFW Compilation Command:
make qm R=B0 B=val M=1 DDR_CON=dcd_b0_6GB_1.6GHz U=2

But we need to compile multiple DDR files, output should be single "scfw_tcm.bin" binary & should support different boards having different DDR configuration. We have some board configuration GPIOs, which is having hardware pull up. Is it possible to differentiate & initialize/compile different DDR configuration (2GB/4Gb/6GB) files based on these board configuration GPIOs in SCFW?


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