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Question asked by Jorne Baerts on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2019 by G.w. Sun

Dear Sir or Madam,


For my master thesis, I am using the "TDA5051A power line modem evaluation board" from NXP. It is an evaluation board for Power Line Communication (PLC) which uses ASK modulation. I wonder if the modem has any build-in Medium Acces Control (MAC) protocol, like CSMA/CA for example. This would be needed when there are multiple senders of data using the same channel medium (in my case 48V DC power lines), to make sure multiple senders don't communicate at the same time causing interference and errors.

So, does this board have such a multiple acces protocol in it or is this something to be programmed on the external microcontroller which I connect to the board? I can't find this information in the modem datasheet, nor in the user manual of the board.


Thank you in advance,

Jorne Baerts

Engineering student at the University of Hasselt/KULeuven