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Multiprocess User Application on IMX6ULL_EVK ... how to start?

Question asked by fabio mario poiatti on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by fabio mario poiatti

I have to port an user application made of different process actually running on linux embedded environment on a custom hardware platform.

This application starts with a classical linux procedure based on init System V.


The same application builded for yocto project on IMX6ULLEVK does not start at all!

I'm not able to find the way to have the same behaviours with the similar set of scripts for the startup.


So the questions are:


1) how is the user application can start? after the BSP startup?


2) I've imported the application on Eclipse ... so I'm able to debug/run a single process ... is it possible to generate (by Eclipse) the scripts for the deploy and running of all processes at startup?