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S32DS MPC5605B header file error

Question asked by Daniel Wax Employee on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Jiri Kral

There is an issue in the header definition of the ME_PS2 register field in the included header files for the MPC5605B.h processor.


The highlighted line should be a 17 not a 16.  We have fixed this internally, but it would be good to let you know that this is incorrect even in the latest version of S32 Design Studio.


From the MPC5605B.h header file (see highlighted line):


    union { /* Peripheral Status 2 (Base+0x0068) */

        vuint32_t R;

        struct {

            vuint32_t :3;

            vuint32_t S_PIT_RTI:1;

            vuint32_t S_RTC_API:1;

            vuint32_t :16;

            vuint32_t S_EMIOS1:1;

            vuint32_t S_EMIOS0:1;

            vuint32_t :2;

            vuint32_t S_WKPU:1; 

            vuint32_t S_SIUL:1;

            vuint32_t :4;

        } B;

    } PS2;


From the reference manual (see bit position of S_PIT_RTI and S_RTC_API):