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MC56F844x dflash programming

Question asked by Jolanta Mienkinova on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by xiangjun.rong


using MC56F844789. This device has Primary program/data flash memory, mapped into 0x00 0000 - 0x01 ffff & 0x02 0000 - 0x03 ffff, and also Secondary (boot) program/data flash memory, mapped into 0x06 8000 - 0x06 bfff & 0x00 8000 - 0x00 bfff. 


I can program Primary program/data flash memory, when only providing flash command an address within program space range (0x00 0000 - 0x01 ffff) - programing / erasing doesn't work when providing address from aliased data space.


However, I cannot program Secondary (boot) program/data flash memory regardless if flash command is given an address from program or data space. Software has been uploaded with checkbox "always mass erase on download" and therefore data flash shall default to 32 Kbytes of data flash, No EEPROM.


Can you please advise how to program Secondary (boot) program/data flash memory from within user application?