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The application of MRFE6VS25N

Question asked by L Jone on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by LPP

Dear sir or ma'am,thanks for your suggestions. May i have you attention for three questions?

On the page 23/24 of the datasheet of MRFE6VS25N,there is a reference circuit component layout which contains some kinds of microstrip at 1030MHz.

In conditions of input and output impedance matching via changing values or locations of capacitors or inductors ,can I decrease the width or length of microstrips ? eg. Z6、Z7 and Z11 ....

For narrowband or single frequency application,the impedance matching can be realized easily with less components. Is that right?

At the bottom of the reference circuit component layout,there are some microstrips with nothing components on both sides of cut out area. What is the functions of them?

Look forward to your reply,thank you !