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Looking for a secure boot option?

Discussion created by Alex Abrahamson on May 3, 2019

Then look no further! The wolfBoot secure bootloader is wolfSSL's own ANSI C implementation of a secure bootloader. wolfBoot is able to utilize the wolfCrypt encryption library and through this can get access to features such as support for progressive ciphers, hardware encryption acceleration for multiple devices, and ECC up to 521 bit. Features that are included with wolfBoot on its own include OS-agnosticism, firmware update mechanisms, multi-slot partitioning of the flash device, and more (more details about wolfBoot can be found here:!


For those that might be unfamiliar, a boot loader is the software that loads up software whenever a device is powered off and on. It ensures that once the device is shut down and volatile flash memory is wiped, it can be turned back on and continue functioning without issue. A secure boot loader differs in the fact that it has security measures in place to verify the software being loaded, or to fall into a special mode of operation if issues with the software that is trying to be started is not valid or can't be verified. For example, if a device is being updated remotely, or if a device has the possibility of being reprogrammed, this would be protected against.


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