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LPC54616 Max. CAN FD Rate

Question asked by Jay Schwichtenberg on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Gunnar Bohlen



I've been working with the LPC54616 CAN interfaces using the MCAN driver. The board I'm working with has a 12 MHz crystal and I'm using the PLL (BOARD_BootClockPLL180M) to boost the clock rate to 180 MHz.


I've implemented a number of CAN FD bit rates without problem. For CAN FD with a split rate I get 1 MBit/Sec - 3 MBit/Sec without issues.


Right now I'm trying to bump that up to 5 MBit/Sec for the data but haven't been successful. I haven't been able to find any clocking/speed specs on the LPC54616 CAN interfaces. I've tried a number of different dividers, segment values with the jump set to 3. So does someone know what the maximum bit rate for CAN FD data is or if 5MBit/Sec is possible?


Thanks in advance.

Jay S.