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Extra  partition is  getting created while writing data on SD card.

Question asked by Rahul RangsidhaMane on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Linh To Hoang

Hi All,

My issue is,

While writing data on SD card using FATfs and usdhc module of component library, another partition is  getting created.


I am using MPC5748G DEV-KIT (NXP) board. I have configured freeRtos, FATfs and FlexCan modules for my system.

In task one, System gets data on CAN.

And in second task, I am writing data on SD card.

But after some data write operations, I have observed data is not getting written on SD card.

To check data, When i connected SD card to laptop.And there are two different partitions on SD card.Both the partitions are not accessible. So a File in which data is written also missing.


So please help me to solve this problem.