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How to reactivate after PwdAuth Fail

Question asked by Jeffrey Chan on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

With Ultralight EV1, after failing PwdAuth I'm unable to try another password:


      status = phalMful_PwdAuth( palMful, passDefault, packResult); <- assume wrong password


I tried to do a few different things while tag remained in field such as reactivate (which works sometimes, sometimes not)












Also tried WUPA (which nearly always succeeds - I get back ATQA correctly)


status = phpalI14443p3a_WakeUpA(

                  ((phacDiscLoop_Sw_DataParams_t *) pDataParams)->pPal1443p3aDataParams,

                  ((phacDiscLoop_Sw_DataParams_t * ) pDataParams)->sTypeATargetInfo.aTypeA_I3P3[0].aAtqa);


Followed by a read of block 0 to get into Active state. (read does return UID of tag which seems to indicate activation success)


However in all cases, a subsequent try of PwdAuth always fails (even if the password is correct).  I even get PACK = the right value, so that should indicate state = AUTHENTICATED.


However an immediate subsequent write to a protected or nonprotected page  will always fail (when PwdAuth success is AFTER HALT->WUPA transition)


Using the exact same password on the "first try" works fine.  Just never after reactivation.


Am I missing a step in getting the tag to activate? Or am I supposed to reset the reader library structures in some way?






avoiding wupa function and going straight for activation was better.  looking into difference, but not yet sure




code had duplicate wupa causing fail to hlta in unexpected place -- consider this post a non-issue.