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IMXRT1062 Flexcan-FD FIFO Example

Question asked by Michael Smorto on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 11, 2019 by Michael Smorto

Been looking in the SDKs for an example using FIFO for RX and TX but do not see any in the CAN or CANFD driver examples.  Can you all provide a sample program using FIFO?


EDIT:  One of the things that this would be helpful with is setting up the id filter table and the appropriate structure.  I really would like to be able to receive on any mailbox a series of message ides as well as setting up a CANFD fifo


EDIT2:  BTW the docs for the FD example in the 1060evk sdk state

Board settings
The example requires 2 sets of boards, each of them are mounted with the base board. Using a male to male CAN
cable to connect the CAN2 instance (J11) between the 2 base boards.


In looking at the schematic and the pins it looks like the CAN3 tx/rx pins go to the Arduino header.  So how can you test CANFD if you don't have a receiver?  CAN2 is not CANFD.