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JN5169 Zigbee 3 JN-AN-12xx Import Problem

Question asked by Laurie Gellatly on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


I'm not able to get any of JN-AN-1217, JN-AN1220 or JN-AN-1229 projects imported.


I've selected the 5169 module for its low power consumption and range.


I eventually found this page: and downloaded JN-SW-4141 v1308 and as per JN-UG-3098 v1.2 I installed it. Looked good. No issues using the default c:\NXP directory on windows 10.

I then installed JN-SW-4170 and following UG-3098 I added the Zigbee Plugins. (This is confusing as the documentation for ZigBee 3 says JenOS is not used any more yet there is a config plugin for it in 4170???) UG-3098 Chapter 1.2.3 step 4 refers to SW-4168 rather than SW-4170. The same zigbee URL page above says to use version 1.3 of 3098 but the link on that page provides V1.2?? I assumed I could substitute 4170 for 4168 as the SDK.

Following Chapter 2.2 of 3098 when I try to import any of the JN-ANs listed above there are no projects to open.


My ultimate goal is it have approximately 30 sleeping end devices reporting temperature readings and cell battery voltage to a coordinator. 

I'd really appreciate some guidance to get me started. What I hoped would be a simple project has turned into a never ending set of problems.


Thanks     ...Laurie:{)