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Building default YOCTO

Question asked by minwoo lee on May 1, 2019



I'm follow the Auto_Linux_BSP_20.0_User_Manual.pdf


and i'm done 2.1.1 Building default YOCTO except " repo init -u ssh:// -b develop -m default-bitbucket.xml " and "bitbake <imagename>"


It's written on the manual that "If the machine chosen was s32v234evb, after the successful finalization of the build, the results will be placed in the build_s32v234evb/tmp/deploy/images/s32v234evb directory. Results for other machines will be placed in similar directories, but named according to the machine name.
This release includes support for:
• Machines: s32g275sim, s32v234bbmini, s32v234evb28899, s32v234evb, s32v234pcie, s32v234tmdp, s32v344sim, s32r45xsim, s32v234evbubuntu, s32v234sbc, s32v234ccpb
• Images: fsl-image-base, fsl-image-auto, fsl-image-ubuntu, fsl-image-ubuntu-base"


but I can't find directory 'build_s32v234evb/tmp/deploy/images/s32v234evb' ( i use s32v234evb ) and images like fsl-image-base too.


I think the cause is " repo init -u ssh:// -b develop -m default-bitbucket.xml "

but when i typed the "repo init -u~" in the terminal

it respond

"ssh: connect to host port 22: connection refused

fatal: could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights

and the repository exists.

fata: connot obtain manifest ssh://"


I think server is down..



how to get the auto_yocto_bsp.git?  and where is the Images like fsl-image-base is working?