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Getting starting with S32K BLDC

Question asked by JESSE BEEKER on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by dumitru-daniel.popa
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Hello. I am transitioning from the basic C-code demo to the start of a real application using MBD Toolbox. Here is the kit I purchased:

S32K144 Development Kit for sensorless BLDC | NXP 


I have been able to install all tools and have no issue creating and building the simple pushbutton and LED example on the S32K EVB. As I have moved through the motor control training modules, I cannot seem to get the motor to spin. I hear the PWM but the solutions provided in Module 5 and 6 and just not spinning the motor. I then went into the examples included in MBD Toolbox for S32K version 4.0.0. I specifically worked with the BLDC: Open Loop example. I am able to build and interact with it using Freemaster. I see the change to the voltage applied when I press the switches but all I get is PWM noise. Thinking I may have damaged something, I went back to my C-code demo using the S32 Design Studio and everything works as expected. 


I clearly must have a disconnect here with my set up or understanding. I found it strange that when I load the models from the training modules, the picture for the EVBs and motor are missing. Perhaps that is a clue. I am using MATLAB 2018b for reference. 


Is there something different I need to do with the hardware between the reference development kit and using the MBD Toolbox examples? EVB has a sticker referencing schematic B1. There seems to be a revC on another EVB I have on another project.