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i.MX RT1050 - Clarification of NVCC_GPIO voltage

Question asked by Andrew Kinmont on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Victor Jimenez



We currently have a prototype operating with a NVCC_GPIO voltage of 1.8Volts. This prototype is using the A0 revision of the i.MR RT1052 silicon. At the time of our development, we asked the question about operating with this voltage, as the datasheet suggested that 1.8Volts was OK, however, the Hardware Development Guide showed that NVCC_GPIO should be between 3.0Volts and 3.6Volts. I note that this question was also posed on the Community Forum in April 2018, confirming that 1.8Volts is acceptable for NVCC_GPIO.


The prototype design is being revised, and when we review the latest version of the datasheet (revision 1.3 03/2019), it shows that NVCC_GPIO should between 3.0Volts and 3.6Volts.


Has this been changed from the original specification for the chip, or is it still acceptable to use 1.8Volts for NVCC_GPIO?


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