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Questions on MKL26Z128CAL4R

Question asked by Patrick Chong on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Aldo Gutierrez

I'm interested in using MKL26Z128CAL4R, have a few questions,


1. From the DS, it seems that VDDA has to be the same voltage as VDD?

   - Can VDD = 1.8V, VDDA =  3.3V supported?

   - If VDDA and VDD = 3.3V, can I2C still operate normally at PUR@1.8V?


2. I see that VREFH and VREFL is tied to VDDA/VSSA, and unlike most other Kinetis, this one do not have VREF_Out pin,

      - Can I use internal bandgap (1.2V) as vref for the SAR ADC?

      - Can I use external VREF (from another chip) as ADC VREF?


3. I only need to use the ADC, DAC and MCU. Can I use the MCU with only internal OSC (no XTAL)?