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KV31F512 part failures

Question asked by Randy Fields on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Philip Drake

We have recently purchased KV31F512VLLP12P parts from two different sources and are having the same problem with all of them.  When we mount them on our motor controller board, 7 out of 10 did not communicate with KMS.  We traced down the problem to a call in the function DSM_init that appears to be the first call to the proprietary code that is locked in the upper 8K section of the processor.  Once it calls that function, the processor gets a hard fault.  Our conclusion is that the proprietary section either wasn't programmed or somehow we erased it.  After trying many different things, we finally took a brand new part and mounted it on one of the Freedom Eval boards and connecting it to KMS.  The result was that we still could not communicate with KMS.  At this point it appears most of the parts were not programmed when we received them.


Is this a common problem?  What can we do to resolve this issue?