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about TCLK of zigbee

Question asked by zherlei on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río

sdk version:1745

stack version:zigbee 3.0

coordinator project:JN-AN-1216, version:1010

In JN-AN-1216 coordinator project,the default value for macros ZNC_MAX_TCLK_DEVICES(app_common.h) is 20.


I learned about the meaning of this value in the manual ZigBee 3.0 Stack User Guide Revison 1.2.


Now the value is 20, which means that there are only 20 nodes in my network at most.
I have 1 ZR and 19 ZEs. And all the devices have joined the network. Now, the one node(node A) of the 19 ZEs, whose direct parent is ZR, leaves the network on its initiative by pressing a button for long time.Then, other new node(node B),not int 19 ZEs, want to join the network.But the node B has failed to join the network all the time.Why?
Strangely, device A can successfully join the network again.Why?