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How to remove or not use GPU in yocto

Question asked by Weide Ding on Apr 29, 2019
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    I am using LCDIF->DSI->HDMI for main display on mx8mq yocto. How to remove GPU use from yocto? I plan to move GPU + second hdmi(DCSS->HDMI) into virtualized OS jailhouse use.


   When I removed GPU from device tree(.dts), wayland/weston failed to access /dev/dri/card0. 


   When I removed "imxgpu" from MACHINEOVERRIDES_EXTENDER_mx8mq in, it will generate many compile failures.


MACHINEOVERRIDES_EXTENDER_mx8mq  = "imxdrm:imxdcss:imxvpu:imxvpuhantro:imxgpu:imxgpu3d"


Any suggestion are welcome!