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S32R274 CAN0 can not Recieve Frame

Question asked by jiran jiang on Apr 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by jiran jiang


   I have a problem description bellow:

   CAN0 is not FIFO,CAN0 Receives the two IDs Data, mailbox 8 rx ID = 0x01,  mailbox 9 rx ID = 0x101.

   Now, CANoe sends one  ID = 0x01, mailbox 8 rx 0x01 ,first and second Recieve OK,but from third and after cannot rx id 0x01, now if  CANoe stop send 0x01, and start sends one anthor ID = 0x101, the mailbox 8 can rx id 0x01 once, and the mailbox 9 can rx id 0x101, but after second time mailbox 9 cannot rx id 0x101, and now CANoe send id = 0x01, mailbox 9 rx ID 0x101 once and mailbox 8 rx ID = 0x01.........

CANoe : 0x01  -  0x01  - 0x01   - 0x01  -  0x101                                 -  0x101   -            0x101   -   0x1

R274:     rx ok     rx ok     rx ng    rx ng  -   rx ok(ID0x01 and 0x101)     rx ok(0x101)       rx ng      rx ok(ID0x101 and 0x01)