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Alternate to IAM-82008-TR1

Question asked by Ramakrishna Ch on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by LPP

We are presently using M/s Agilent Make, IAM-82008-TR1, RF Mixer in our module. This part is no more available from M/s Agilent.

We are presently using this IC in HF Radio, Tx up and Down conversion stages, where the RF freq is in between 1 MHZ to 250 MHz and LO is also in between 1 MHZ to 250 MHz range.

We checked on NXP website, where the model SA602A, is almost meeting the required specifications, however PIN to PIN compatibility is not meeting.

As we already supplied more than 15000 units to our customer, it is difficult to modify board layout.

Please suggest any Functional, Form, Fit Alternate to IAM-82008-TR1.