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Ask a few questions about the MSC8157 SmartDSP operating system

Question asked by haifeng LI on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by haifeng LI


When I recently used the MSC8157, I needed to use the SmartDSP operating system, but I encountered the following problems when using the operating system:

(a): When I run SmartDSP early, the system will be stuck in the function ‘osWaitForAllCores();’. When I redefine       OS_MULTICORE = OFF, OS_MULTICORE_SYNCHRONIZATION = OFF, the system will run normally.

(b):I created a simple task under the SmartDSP operating system. The source code is as follows. The problem is that after       the system initialization completes all the operations, my task will not be executed. I have seen the SmartDSP OS Usrt       Guide and the SmartDSP OS API Reference. Manual two documents, and found no mistakes, please advise, thank you       very much:


os_task_handle             Test_Task1_Handle;            
os_task_init_param_t    Test_Task1_Para;                
unsigned char *Test_TASK1_STACK;                        
#define Test_TASK1_STACK_SIZE                4096    

void Test_Task1_Function(unsigned long p)
        printf("My Name is Test_Task1_Func\r\n");

void Test_Task1_Create(void)
    os_status status;
    status = osTaskFind(&Test_Task1_Handle);
    Test_Task1_Para.task_function = Test_Task1_Function;            
    Test_Task1_Para.task_arg = (os_task_arg)osGetDeviceID();        
    Test_Task1_Para.top_of_stack = (unsigned long)Test_TASK1_STACK;            
    Test_Task1_Para.stack_size = Test_TASK1_STACK_SIZE;            
    Test_Task1_Para.task_flags = 0;                                
    Test_Task1_Para.task_priority = OS_TASK_PRIORITY_12;            
    Test_Task1_Para.task_name = "Test_TASK1";                        
    Test_Task1_Para.private_data = 0;                            
    Test_Task1_Para.init_stack = TRUE;                            

void main()
    os_status status;   // The only local variable in main()

    /* OS Initialization - call before any other OS API calls. */
    status = osInitialize();
    if (status != OS_SUCCESS) OS_ASSERT;

    /* Interrupts are disabled until osStart() is called.
       You must not enable interrupts at this point !!! */

    /* Place any required initialization code within appInit().
       Using local variables inside main() is NOT recommended, because
       its stack is never restored - osStart() never returns !!! */
    status = appInit();
    if (status != OS_SUCCESS) OS_ASSERT;
    /* Start the OS with the background task. OS ticks now start.
       appBackground() should not return unless there is an error. */
    status = osStart(appBackground);
    if (status != OS_SUCCESS) OS_ASSERT;

    /* Execution reaches this point only if an error occurs. */