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i.MX6q eglCreateWindowSurface returns EGL_BAD_ALLOC

Question asked by Ikshwaku Chauhan on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Bio_TICFSL

Hi Team,


This is regarding our project TOYOTA_MEUCY17 based on i.MX6 Quad and based on L3.10.17_1.0.2 release. This project uses X11.

In one of our use case browser application is crashing when Coyote app is running and it crashes only when eglCreateWindowSurface returns EGL_BAD_ALLOC. This is sometime issue and not reproducible each time. Looking at the callstack from coredump file it points towards the GPU driver. Please check the attached complete call stack and snapshot from it below.


In logs we are observing following logs:


meucy17-t101-a0 [ 3] ERR_BREAK: status=-1(gcvSTATUS_INVALID_ARGUMENT) @ _CreateSurfaceObjects(584)
meucy17-t101-a0 [0411/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC
meucy17-t101-a0 [0411/] Failed to initialize command buffer service.
meucy17-t101-a0 [0411/] CommandBufferProxy::Initialize failed.
meucy17-t101-a0 [0411/] Failed to initialize command buffer


Could you please help us in resolving this issue.