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MCUXpresso debugger launch sequence error

Question asked by Matt Young on Apr 25, 2019
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I am returning to a project that was working fine last year. Now I am returning to it and cannot get the debugger to work. It builds fine, but then when I try to debug it gets to 99% and then an error box appears: 

“Error in final launch sequence” with details:

  •    Error in final launch sequence
  • Failed to execute MI command:
  • thbreak main
  • Error message from debugger back end:
  • No hardware breakpoint support in the target.
  • No hardware breakpoint support in the target.

Followed by an error box: Error during flash programming. Terminating debug session.


I was using MCUXpresso IDE v10.1.1_606, so next I downloaded the latest version v10.3.1_2233 to try that as well, but same problem. I also tried with an older version of MCUXpresso IDE but with no improvement. Since then I have used the new version and my attempts to fix have been focused on a couple areas in particular:

  1. Possible SDK problem
  2. Possible memory map problem. 


SDK: When I start MCUXPresso I get a warning message that my SDK 2.2 has been replaced by SDK 2.3:

"SDK 2.x LPCXpresso54618’ (‘2.2.0’) replaced by SDK version (‘2.3.0’)". I tried a drag/drop install of my 2.2 SDK (from my user folder ...\mcuxpresso\SDKPackages), which installed but then gave me a similar warning message saying it updated it to 2.3.0. I'm pretty sure I did not get this SDK warning when I was previously working on this project last year.


Memory map: The SDK we have was generated using the part: LPC54618J512 as that was on the development board I started this project on. My production board though uses LPC54606J256. To compensate, I changed the Memory details to match the part I am now using:

Making the above change got things working last year, so I made these changes again (I'm not sure why it reverted back, but it did so I changed to the above again). However, I'm concerned there could still be a problem related to this because the log from a failed debug lists a length of $00080000, where I would expect $00040000. 


For more info, I attached the console log following my attempted debug.


System details:

MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1_2233\

SDK: SDK_2.x_LPCXpresso54618, SDK Version 2.3.0, Manifest Version 3.2.0

Micro: LPC54606J256ET180 


Thank you,