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Is there an easy way to change Thread transmit power?

Question asked by Felix Heimes on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río

Is it possible to reduce the KW41z transmit power in software?  I would like to test a large thread network in mesh configuration in a room that is  ~75 feet-by-75 feet.  In this size of room, nodes on opposite ends are in range.  There is no easy way to test a true mesh unless I have a really large space.


Is there an easy way to reduce wireless range via a software power setting?


The FRDM-KW41Z users guide says "Programmable output power from -30 dBm to +3.5 dBm...".  Can this be accomplished with software or does it require circuit modifications?  I could not find any documentation on this.


Any other suggestions?