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Sample code of Ctimer not executing in LPCXpresso845max board

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2019
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I'm using keil IDE and testing the sample code  of Ctimer_pwm[LPC845 MCU], using OM13097 development board,


and as read in the README.txt before compiling the code, given as " OUT_PORT.OUT_BIT connected to IN_PORT (defined in Ctimer_PWM.h)"




"The output pin is connected externally to another pin, IN_PORT, which is assigned to Capture 0 via the switch matrix.
- The CTIMER is configured for external count mode, incrementing on both edges of Capture 0."


Kindly suggest how to test the sample code of Ctimer output.,since on the above mentioned port pins i'm not


getting the output PWM.


Thank you