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mpc83xx: cannot put the target into DEBUG mode

Question asked by Sergey An on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2019 by alexander.yakovlev

Help my please!

Programming NOR Flash over PA Flash Programmer Task [CW 10.5.1 > CodeWarrior TAP > Custom Board (MPC8321)] - generate Error:


fl::target -lc "MPC8323-core00_RAM_8323_Attach"
fl::target -b 0x0 0x40000
fl::target -v off -l off
cmdwin::fl::device -d "IN28F128J3" -o "8Mx16x1" -a 0xff000000 0xffffffff
cmdwin::fl::dump -range 0xff000000 0xff00ffff -t "Binary/Raw Format" -o "Z:\\x\\1.bin"
Beginning Operation ...
Performing target initialization ...
Error: Connect Failed.
Failed to reset the target
[CCS last error: mpc83xx: cannot put the target into DEBUG mode ](CCSProtocolPlugin)
Error: Connect Failed.


Log file from CSS: log.txt 


In Configurations

- Connection Type - CodeWarrior TAP

- Target Type - 8323RDB_HRCW_jtag.txt => 8323 (1 1) (2 0x42050083) (3 0xA4600000)

What is the problem?

On the other board with the identical Sheme - all OK.