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How to program the QSPI External Flash in MiMXRT1020-EVK with JTAG

Question asked by Gustavo Parlanti on Apr 25, 2019
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I want to know how to program the QSPI external flash from JTAG connector into the MiMXRT1020-EVK, I can program from the OpenSDA but when I want to use the JTAG probe( USB Multilink FX) I cannot connect to the target processor, I disconnect the J27 and J28 as the guide indicate and doesn't work. 

I made a custom board and doesn't work too, for that reason first I want to download and debug one application into the EVK and then move to my board but using JTAG interface into the board I cannot make it run.

Is there any special configuration into the DEBUG Config into the project?




Gustavo Parlanti##