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CAAM can not decap the key

Question asked by 帅卿 王 on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Yuri Muhin

HI, NXP team:

I'm Wang Shuaiqing from Hirain company, and we are using imx8qxp board. I am writing this post to ask a question.


After imx8qxp board is set rpmb key, the board can not boot yet successfully.

The error log is below:

TEE:: caam_drv: 326: sq: caam.c::caam_decap_blob::326
TEE:: caam_drv: 145: run_job::1
TEE:: caam_drv: 155: run_job::2
TEE:: caam_drv: 160: run_job::3
TEE:: caam_drv: 171: run_job::4
TEE:: caam_drv: 180: run_job::5
TEE:: caam_drv: 183: run_job::6
TEE:: caam_drv: 188: run_job::7
TEE:: caam_drv: 371: job failed (0x2000071a)
TEE:: hwkey_caam: 121: get_rpmb_ss_auth_key: failed to unpack rpmb key

TEE:: hwkey_srv: 155: sq: after _handle_slots, hdr->status: 1


According to the log, it fails at run_job() function in caam_decap_blob() api.

Could you tell us why the error happen and what the error code means?