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DSPI of MPC5746R

Question asked by meng qiu on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa

hello, do you have the demo software which configured the DSPI in  simplified SPI mode without TXFIFO and RXFIFO ?

I have some problems about the configuration of DSPI in simplified SPI mode .

Below is the MPC5744P SPI Demo:

SPI_2.PUSHR.PUSHR.R = 0x00001234; /* Initialize slave DSPI_2's response to master */
SPI_1.PUSHR.PUSHR.R = 0x08015678; /* Transmit data from master to slave SPI with EOQ */
read_data_DSPI_2(); /* Read data on slave DSPI */
read_data_DSPI_1(); /* Read data on master DSPI */


I not sure that if the transmit commands need to write to PUSHR register? And about 0x5678, is the 0x78 transmit first or the 0x56 transmit first?