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tCKELCK issue on mscale_ddr_tool of IMX8M EVK

Question asked by Mike Su on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Oliver Chen
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Topic :  tCKELCK issue on mscale_ddr_tool of IMX8M EVK .

When I run mscale_ddr_tool on imx8m EVK and found out that


1. some lpddr4 can't pass mscale_ddr_test stress test by version 2.1 but pass version beta.

    This failure would happen at hot temperature only. All samples could pass at room temperature.

2.  After comparing btween V2.1 and beta version , we found out that

     a. V2.1 (V1.1 are the same) : CKE toggle 2 times at the beginning of stress test

         While CKE  toggle, its tCKELCK is 0ns and against its specification.

         Even we changed setup value of tCKELCK of ds file, tCKELCK still kept 0ns

     b. V beta: CKE always keep high within stress test

3. Please see the attached file for the detailed waveforms and information

Request : could you fix up this tCKELCK issue of mscale_ddr_tool?